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We Offer Free Emotional Support to California Residents

There are times when we need to talk. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of venting to a friend about a long day at school or work, or catching up about that latest game or Netflix show, or making big plans for the weekend. And sometimes, we need to get real — to let down our guard and be vulnerable and emotional. You know, to really talk, about real stuff. But it’s easier said than done for many of us, and with our busy schedules and complicated relationships, it isn’t always possible to have those real-world talks when and where we need them.

That’s where BeWellLine comes in. If you want to talk to someone, we’re ready for you. If you need some emotional support, we’re here for you. If you don’t even want to talk and instead prefer to chat online, hey, we can do that too!

Thanks to a grant from CalHOPE, all California residents can get our free mental health services, where and when they want and need. It’s convenient, sure, but it’s also important because when you need someone, you’ll know that we’re here for you, day or night, anywhere in the Golden State

When you reach out to us, you’ll be connected with a Support Specialist who is there to listen, support, and advise you. You won’t find judgment here, just compassion, empathy, and the knowledge you need. Because of our unique approach to care that combines practical advice with peer companionship, you’ll get the benefits of a strong community no matter where you are and what you need.

We’ve helped more than 30,000 people like you already, and 85% of the folks who call or message us feel better after speaking to our counselors.

Best of all? It’s free. That’s right — zero cost to you, regardless of your income, or insurance status, or any of that other stuff. After all, mental health is a need for all of us, and we want to make sure our mental health services are accessible to all. We have one goal: We want to help everyone be well. It’s in our name for a reason!

There’s no right or wrong reason to call us (or message us, if talking on the phone isn’t your thing). And there’s no script you need to follow. Just be your usual interesting, authentic self, and we’ll meet you where you need us. We’re here to listen. Or talk. Or do both.

We’re ready to help.

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