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Patient Recommends AlterCareLine for Being the “Best Hotline Experience I’ve Ever Had”

Dana Point, California — A man who found “help and comfort” from BeWellLine, a telephone counseling and referral service, is recalling his positive experience in a glowing five-star Google review, comparing it to the unhappy treatment he has received from other hotlines.

“I just wanted to say that this is the best hotline experience I’ve ever had,” the client, Anthony, wrote in his review. “And I’ve had many. I spoke with a woman named Anna, who actually listened to me, gave me great advice, and did everything she could think of to help and comfort me. I’ve had hotlines hang up on me, I’ve had them ask for way too much information, I’ve had them put me on hold for an hour; that doesn’t happen here. Thank you so so so much, BeWellLine.”

BeWellLine is provided by Alter Health Group™, which offers various facilities and programs for the treatment of behavioral and mental health issues. The service is funded with a grant from the California Mental Health Services Authority to assist in combating the mental health crisis with free non-clinical support to Californians in need. Other tech-based programs include the Mindfuli platform, which provides free ongoing virtual peer counseling services through video conferencing along with voice and text communication.

The Mindfuli virtual care platform also enables peer counselors to refer help seekers to higher levels of care as needed, connecting them to a personalized mental health provider in minutes.

Anthony’s praise for BeWellLine’s operators reflects their unique approach to care, combining practical advice with peer companionship. BeWellLine believes in the power of the community to help its callers find the help they need and give them the support they need to continue their journey to wellness. Its core mission is to create a hub of accessible mental health care, life guidance and community and make it available to all.

BeWellLine doesn’t just provide a supportive ear to listen to callers’ concerns but is a practical source of real help. Operators help callers find the mental health resources they need, with particular attention to youth and young adults, whose struggles with mental health are on the rise and worsened by self-isolation, homelessness, bullying, school and social pressures, family conflict and social and emotional stress that often results from navigating the online world. 

Although most BeWellLine callers reach out with emotional issues like anxiety and depression, the hotline can also help with life issues like finance and homelessness. Operators cannot find housing or solve money problems, but they can connect callers with agencies that can help. 

One vital resource is its selection of virtual support groups, which reflect its belief in the healing power of connecting with a caring community. Concerns addressed in the groups include depression and anxiety; LGBTQ+ support; teen support; substance use disorders; women’s empowerment; and grief processing groups conducted separately in English and Spanish.

The service shows remarkable rates of success in helping callers feel better about substance use/abuse (91%), anxiety (90%), depression (82%), health concerns (81%), suicidal ideation (80%), finances (81%) and housing/homelessness (75%).

BeWellLine and its operators are dedicated to making mental health care, life guidance and community-based counseling available to everyone across California, free of charge. If you have emotional, behavioral, or other mental health issues, call 866-349-6597 for free support and assistance in finding the help you need.

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