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How Effective is Virtual Mental Health Support?

Californians Can Get Help From BeWellLine

We all struggle emotionally or mentally at times. Knowing where to turn to or who to lean on during difficult times can be challenging. BeWellLine offers easy and free access to virtual mental health support. Services are available 24/7 and available over the phone or online chat. Californians can receive free non-clinical social, emotional, and crisis support via our dynamic support line and receive referrals to higher levels of care when needed.

The team at BeWellLine has made it their mission to make mental health care, life guidance, and community-based counseling available to everyone across California. Through a partnership between California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) and Alter Health Group, Californians no longer have to worry about their finances being a barrier to mental health support. Our helpline and online chat for mental health have also made it easier for those who struggle to talk about their issues in person to reach out during times of crisis. We have helped thousands of people feel better through our peer counseling services.

Contact BeWellLine by calling our help center at 866-349-0854 to learn more about using virtual mental health services.

Who Could Benefit From Virtual Mental Health Support?

When struggling with stress or emotional issues, talking to a loved one can help. However, talking to a friend, co-worker, or family member may not always be an option. Maybe you feel embarrassed about the issue, don’t want to be a burden, or it is the middle of the workday or late at night. With compassionate, non-judgmental peer counselors, virtual mental health support can be there anytime. Anyone can benefit from virtual mental health support. Some people who could benefit from virtual mental health support include:

  • People who struggle with mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.
  • Preteens and teenagers 12 to 17 years old struggle with school issues, such as bullying, grades, homelessness, and family conflict.
  • College students have a hard time in school or with peers, including peer pressure, suicidal ideation, relationship problems, self-isolation, and academic pressures.
  • People with economic hardships, including recently losing their job.
  • Issues with family members, partners, friends, or colleagues.
  • People are experiencing a mental health crisis, including thoughts of suicide.
  • Those who have lost a loved one, including pets.
  • Mentally struggling people need referrals or resources on where to get help.
  • Those feeling isolated or lonely want someone to talk to.

7 Benefits of Virtual Mental Health Support

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it is estimated that more than 1 in 5 adults in America has a mental illness, which is any mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder ranging from mild to severe. However, less than half of those with mental health illnesses receive treatment. There are many barriers to mental health treatment, including continued social stigmas, lack of access, and the cost of treatment.

Virtual mental health support has helped remove many barriers to treatment that people might otherwise face and helped increase the number of people who reach out for help. More people are choosing virtual mental health support because of its added benefits compared to in-person support, which includes:

  1. Easier Access to Services: People with mental health struggles often report they cannot get the help they need. Some live in rural communities without quality options, while others have difficulty getting to an appointment because of physical or mental limitations, such as agoraphobia or social anxiety. Virtual mental health support can be accessed without having to leave home, making it easier for people with these limitations to get these services.
  2. More Convenient: Virtual mental health support allows access from anywhere and anytime. It also eliminates travel time and waiting room times, making it easier to fit into busy schedules. People can also access care while traveling, during lunch breaks, or even late at night.
  3. Added Comfort: Some people are nervous or hesitant to talk to someone about their mental health issues. Accessing virtual mental health services from the comfort of your home or personal space can help them open up more quickly. It also offers various ways to communicate to fit each person’s comfort level, such as voice only or through chat.
  4. Ability to Talk to Someone Almost Immediately: One of the most significant advantages of seeking mental health support online is that users can talk to someone almost immediately instead of waiting days or weeks for an appointment, which can worsen symptoms. Some services, such as BeWellLine, can connect you with a peer support counselor within minutes to quickly get support for whatever problem you face.
  5. More Affordable: Virtual mental health support is also more affordable. Without overhead costs many counselors and therapists face, such as rent and receptionists, they can offer services at a much more affordable rate. Some services are even available for free, which helps many people without health insurance get the support they need.
  6. Increased Privacy and Confidentiality: Seeking out mental health support virtually has an added level of privacy and confidentiality. There is no chance of encountering someone you know in a waiting room. Also, some platforms even allow you to talk to someone anonymously.
  7. Easier to Commit to Continued Care: With so many benefits and better access to mental health support, virtual support lines have continually allowed people to seek out support. BeWellLine offers six free sessions through the Mindfuli platform, which can significantly improve outcomes compared to only reaching out for help once or twice.
virtual mental health support

How Effective Is Virtual Mental Health Support?

When virtual mental health support is the right fit, it can be just as effective as in-person support. Since most mental health support is done through talking, there is almost no difference between in-person and phone, chat, or video conferencing services. While you can receive advice, coping strategies, and resources to solve your problem, even talking to someone about what you are going through can significantly improve your outlook. BeWellLine can help with almost any type of emotional or mental issue. Our success rates illustrate just how effective this can be in assisting people to feel better:

  • 91% with substance use/abuse
  • 90% with anxiety
  • 82% with depression
  • 81% with health concerns
  • 81% with financial struggles
  • 80% with suicidal ideation
  • 75% with housing and homelessness issues
Contact BeWellLine by calling our help center at 866-349-0854 to learn more about using virtual mental health services.

Get Started Today with BeWellLine’s Virtual Mental Health Support

BeWellLine is available 24/7 and will connect you to a trained peer support counselor within minutes. Californians can take advantage of our virtual mental health support no matter how small or big their challenges are. Whether you just need a listening ear or are experiencing a mental health crisis and need further resources, we are here to help in any way we can. We have helped thousands already feel better from issues related to anxiety, depression, loneliness, financial hardships, problems at school or work, the loss of a loved one, homelessness, and much more.

While we may not be able to solve all your problems, our unique approach to care combines practical advice with peer companionship to help you start feeling better today. We can also provide various resources and referrals if you don’t know where to begin to gain control of your mental health.

You can start chatting online with one of our peer support counselors online or if you prefer talking over the phone, you can call us at 866-349-0854 today. You matter and your mental health matters, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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